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Mothers Day in the land of Poop

May 8, 2016 is Mothers Day. How does this effect the poop in your backyard? It doesn't. I just wanted an excuse to load a picture of my beautiful 92 year old Mom. She's the most beautiful women I've ever seen and she HATES having her picture taken. Good thing is, she'll never see this. [...]

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Murphy's Law for Poop Bags If you take your dog for his/her daily walk and carry two poop bags with you, your friend will poop three times and the third one will be done on the lawn of the only neighbour that is in their front yard. Scooperman Dog Poop Scoopers can't be there for [...]

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Scooperman poop scoopers will answer your request in 60 minutes. If all the snow and ice is gone from your yard, we'll be there to scoop the poop as soon as you need us.

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Spring is Approaching

Winter thaw is complete!  Call Scooperman for all of your dog waste removal needs today!

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